History: In There's a Butcher Around you control Vinny, you're at home with your friends, but Bill the butcher has escaped from the asylum and is looking for new victims.

During the game you will have to find a place to hide, remembering that your friends are also in the house trying to hide from the butcher. Every round, Bill the butcher chooses a spot in the house to investigate, are you well hidden?

The main goal is to be the last survivor, so find the best place to hide. Game contains a climate of terror, suspense and lots of blood, plus some references of our taste.

About the Game: This game was developed for GameJam '365indie Jam 2018', the theme was 'Every choice is a sentence' in November 27, 2018. Subsequently we decided to launch the game for sale so we made some improvements and published.

Release Date: May 17, 2019.

Gender: Terror, Suspense.

Number of Players: Single Player.

System Requirements: Windows XP+

Compatible Control: Yes.

Languages: Game doesn't contain dialogs.

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